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Lifting The Veil: Signs & Symbols

In this Deluxe Study Edition you will find lined pages at the end of each chapter that will allow you to do a deep dive into the topics presented within the book and make notes for future reference.

In an age where we are assaulted with signs and symbols everywhere we turn, it is important to understand what we are looking at. It is important to understand who is in control of the world’s systems, how they operate, and what their end goal is. To learn this, I will take you back to the very beginning of creation and lay out a path for you to follow, that once complete, will bring you to a deep understanding of the world around us and the dangers that lurk therein.

Coming from a Christian and Biblical world view, this book is an attempt to awaken you to a very real and dangerous unseen world that operates around us every day. The goal is for something within these pages to trigger an “ah-ha” moment within you and you will gain clarity that not all things are what they seem.

Buckle up because this is going to be a wild ride with understanding at the finish line. This book will challenge you. It will challenge your beliefs, and ultimately help you to see what “they” want to remain unseen.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Lifting The Veil Study Edition THUMBNAIL Cover.jpg
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