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Interesting read with abundance of research in areas that are often ignored. This is all presented without an accusatory tone but yet a tone of passion and concern for the education of fellow believers.

Review of Lifting The Veil: Signs & Symbols from verified Amazon Purchase

Praise & Reviews

For anyone who desires truth, this book is a MUST read! I finished it in two days as once I got started, I couldn’t wait for the next revealing chapter. This author has done his research and uses both scientific info and scripture to back it up. When you are finished you can’t help but know it makes total sense and explains a lot of questions we’ve all entertained at some point. Impressive composition and impressive author!

Review of CONstellations from verified Amazon Purchase

This book really makes the reader think. It’s a thought provoking read. The author really did a good job with his research and leads you to believe his theories must be true. If I could recommend one book to read this year, it is this one.

Review of Lifting The Veil from Rhonda Chieduch

Owner and CEO of

On The Way Editing & Publishing

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About R.L. Smith

Randy lives in GA with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs. He enjoys reading, writing, playing music (specifically drums), and retro toy and video game collecting. He is also the owner of his own graphic design company, The Cryptic Attic, where he does everything from book cover and logo design to creating custom art prints for various collections that he works on. Randy owns and runs Veritas 8:32, which is a truth ministry that exposes the deep truths of God’s word and expounds upon them as deeply as possible.

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